The ClikClak Belt is the home for the new and innovative, Australian Made work belt, generally used by Tradespeople as a tool belt – However – This fantastic new idea is not limited to just Tradies, it can be used by anyone, to carry anything designed to be carried on a belt.  It can even be used to strap items on to your roof racks or just keep them in place – your imagination is the limit!

Work Belt made with Quality Parts

ClikClak Tool and Work Belt Buckle

The key to ClikClak’s success is it’s patent pending buckle application.  Our buckle is guaranteed not to fail, break or wear!  This latest design in a work belt is made with a buckle similar to a seat belt buckle, making it extremely hard wearing and very secure.  Easy to buckle up and can be as simple as a one finger operation to release.

Our adjuster is spring loaded to make sure the belt will not come loose.  Once it’s adjusted to your desired size, it stays at that size until you depress the release button to re-size it again.

The handy three bar clip on the end will hold any excess on the belt taught, so that you’re not getting yourself caught up in any slack.

Size is no problem! 

The ClikClak tool and work belt is made in two sizes and designed to fit most waist lines…

  • Regular Size will fit anyone from 67cm (26″) through to 97cm (38″)
  • Large Size starts at 92cm (36″) and goes right up to a 142cm (56″) waist
  • Custom – if that’s not big (or small) enough, contact us and we will make them to fit whatever size you require.


Now that you have the run down, let’s go shopping…